Thursday, 30 July 2009


We have finally reached the end of urban planning chaos in MARBELLA-SPAIN!

TODAY: July 30, 2009

After 23 years (since 1986), the City Town Hall approved for the second time ,provisionally, the New Urban Plan, that is putting an end to the GIL PERIOD.

The final approval, is now in hands of LA JUNTA DE ANDALUCÍA (The Regional Government).

We spare you, the political debate: for instance the left wing Izquierda Unida Leader, voted against the New Plan.

However PP (Marbella´s leading Party) and opposition party PSOE, voted in favour of the plan.

Through this achievement, more than 17000 properties become legal in Marbella and an ´injection´ of Juridical Peace of Mind is offered to existent and future property owners.

The new URBAN Plan (PGOU), foresees nearly 4,8 million sqm of FREE SPACE and more than 2 million sqm for Public Equipment, This public consideration is far above Andalucia´s average.

More or less 500 homes are left within illegality and these are situated in following developments: BANANA BEACH, two developments in LA VIBORA and in RIO REAL.

Now, The City will have to study what will happen with these constructions.

The Local Government, had no other choice than to agree to the illegalisation of these urbanizations/developments under the Threat of the Regional Government to reject Marbella´s Global Ufrban Plan.

Within the implementation of this badly needed General Urban Plan, not everyone could become a winner.

The great news is, that more than 17000 homes in Marbella are finally legalized.

For Marbella CITY, this is like winning the WORLD CUP. It creates peace of mind for investors (old and new), it allows the City to improve in all aspects…and moreover, it makes of Marbella one of the leading SPANISH Cities to be legal at Urban Planning Level!

International Press, killed Marbellá´s investment, because they focused on what people in charge such as former Mayor Julian Muñoz, former head of Urban Planning ROCA…had done.

Will Global Press, support Marbella Now, that it is able to offer peace of mind to investors?

The Regional Government has now to ratify the Plan in October at the latest. Once this is done, will Global Press, praise Marbella for being one of the legal places to invest in Southern Europe?

Sunday, 26 July 2009


The first concert Michael Jackson gave in Spain, took place 21 years ago in MARBELLA

More than 28000 Fans participated to this event, which was celebrated in Marbella´s Football Stadium.

On the 5th & 6th of August 2009, The City of Marbella will commemorate Michael by organizing an Event in his honour. The Happening has been organized over two days.

The first part of the Tribute to Michael, will start on the same day, at the same time and place, as 21 years ago, in: MARBELLA´S SOCCER STADIUM.

For the second day, a programme, has been prepared, which is to start at 23:00 in Marbella´s Bullfight Ring, on August the 6th.

It is expected, that more than 5000 Fans will participate to Michael´s Tribute by Marbella City.

This Tribute to Michael, is supposed to be the largest commemoration Event in Spain.

Jackson performed eight Concerts in Spain, during his lifetime.

July 2009

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Spanish construction being put on hold?

It is possible, that the number of started constructions in 2009, will be around 150000 ONLY.

Construction in Spain continues its descend. With a decrease of 4,2% in the month of May versus the month of April 2009, Spain is leading the largest monthly descend within the European Community (according to EUROSTAT).

Overall in the Euro Zone, the total production of the construction sector decreased with 2% within the same period.

On an annual basis, this decrease was 8% within the EURO ZONE and 9,6% within the European Community (Euro plus Non-Euro Countries).

Apart from Spain, the largest annual decreases, have been registered in Romania (-23.7%), Slovenia (-21.1%) and in the UK (-17.9%).

During the BOOM Years, 800000 homes were being built on an annual basis in Spain, this was more than the combined construction in France, Germany and The UK.

Today, it would not be logical to continue building, as the large unsold stock is still superseding the small demand.

Therefore there is no other solution than a decrease in selling prices in order to balance offer and demand., while putting construction on hold.

JULY 2009


ST- VALUATION COMPANY. first independent company within the valuation sector in Spain. Presented the results of its market study corresponding to the first semester of 2009.

ST, has been organizing these market studies on NEW PROPERTY, every six months, since 1985.

Marbella´s average sales price per sqm built for NEW PROPERTIES, has fallen down at € 2.299/sqm (JUN-09) from € 2.355 (DEC-08).

It is predictable, that during 2009, the dynamic of an interested demand will be maintained, but it will be an expectant and reticent one, versus an offer with a growing trend towards paralyzation and with sales showing symptoms of weakness.

It is most probable that prices will continue decreasing. The magnitude of this descent will be determined by the level of financial pressure on BUILDERS and by the level of hardening of the credit requirements to families who whish to acquire a property.

JULY 2009

Sunday, 19 July 2009

The right time to invest in Marbella Property is now!

2009 continues to be characterized by a general and continuous descend of Marbella´s Property Prices. The market is responding and property sales are picking up, however rentals and rentals with the option to buy continue to be the most demanded products.

Marbella offers now the lowest property prices since the last four years. Indeed, the average price per square meter built has gone down from 3353 € in July 2005 to 2653 € in March of 2009.

The reality is that due to the fact that other European Economies such as the British, which generated many Marbella Home owners in the past, are not doing well, these owners are now often forced to sell there second home in Marbella. Therefore it is the right time now to make real bargains at average prices per square meter built ranging between €1500 and € 2000. These Bargains are driving the property market.

Even brand new luxury property in Marbella prime locations, can now be bought 25%-30% cheaper than one year ago. Such as the following properties:

Marbella´s Urbanistic Plan-PGOU-is to be approved provisionally on the 29th of July 2009, which will start bringing Juridical tranquillity to owners and future home buyers.

Combined with the fact that Marbella is one of the best areas in Europe to live because its quality of life, the planned investment of linking the City to the High Speed Train in three years time, the many improvements that are being made at the moment to the City and the myriad of International Events (such as the Davis Cup) taking place, will without any doubt put the City Back on investors agenda.

However, the right time to invest is now!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Marbella Property Purchase

The actual Marbella potential property purchaser behaviour, is to buy a property at the lowest possible price.

Understandable…the only place where one should put his/her money is in Real Estate- LAND, PROPERTY & TARA.

Who would invest in Gold, New Energies, The Stock Exchange, Art, Banks…Only big players maybe!

At luxury property level, the Marbella Buyers are getting it wrong by applying the deal strategy of buying at 50% of the offered price.

It is very clear, that property prices in Marbella, have gone back to the level of prices offered in 2005.

However, Luxury Property has not fallen to the level, that it is now for grasp for 50% of its value, nor at 50% of the value of 2005.

Unfortunately, we are getting as one of the best spots/places to live, many luxury property purchasers and most of them are a waiste of time. They never buy!

Marbella, has a lot of distressed properties on offer. However, NOT NECESARILLY THE ONES THAT A REAL INVESTOR WOULD BUY.

Of course, we care about people looking to buy a property at € 200000. These are genuine buyers.

The Luxury Marbella Property Buyer, buys today at 2005 Marbella property prices. At that level he/she is buying well! This is the genuine buyer that in an unpolluted way makes a good investment decision. Knows what he/she wants!

There is no place for ROBINSON PURCHASERS in MARBELLA who want to buy for instance a two bedroom apartment in LA TRINIDAD, LA ALZAMBRA, MONTE PARAISO CLUB, IMARA…For € 500000. These properties, do not suffer that much from the actual crisis,

The Marbella Property devaluation at that level, doesn´t exist.

Of course you could buy a Villa in Marbella nowadays which was valued by the bank in 2007 at € 3000000 for € 2500000.

Or you could buy a Villa worth € 9 Million for € 5 Million, because it has been repossesed by a bank.

Just try it!

Is this the right way forward?

Fortunately, Marbella as a City is growing and there is no discussion about the fact, that it will become, one if the best places to live in The WORLD.

Just make a good investment by buying at the property price levels of 2005. You then will see your purchase growing in worth from that point as from 2012.

Reason: Marbella is making it!