Thursday, 30 July 2009


We have finally reached the end of urban planning chaos in MARBELLA-SPAIN!

TODAY: July 30, 2009

After 23 years (since 1986), the City Town Hall approved for the second time ,provisionally, the New Urban Plan, that is putting an end to the GIL PERIOD.

The final approval, is now in hands of LA JUNTA DE ANDALUCÍA (The Regional Government).

We spare you, the political debate: for instance the left wing Izquierda Unida Leader, voted against the New Plan.

However PP (Marbella´s leading Party) and opposition party PSOE, voted in favour of the plan.

Through this achievement, more than 17000 properties become legal in Marbella and an ´injection´ of Juridical Peace of Mind is offered to existent and future property owners.

The new URBAN Plan (PGOU), foresees nearly 4,8 million sqm of FREE SPACE and more than 2 million sqm for Public Equipment, This public consideration is far above Andalucia´s average.

More or less 500 homes are left within illegality and these are situated in following developments: BANANA BEACH, two developments in LA VIBORA and in RIO REAL.

Now, The City will have to study what will happen with these constructions.

The Local Government, had no other choice than to agree to the illegalisation of these urbanizations/developments under the Threat of the Regional Government to reject Marbella´s Global Ufrban Plan.

Within the implementation of this badly needed General Urban Plan, not everyone could become a winner.

The great news is, that more than 17000 homes in Marbella are finally legalized.

For Marbella CITY, this is like winning the WORLD CUP. It creates peace of mind for investors (old and new), it allows the City to improve in all aspects…and moreover, it makes of Marbella one of the leading SPANISH Cities to be legal at Urban Planning Level!

International Press, killed Marbellá´s investment, because they focused on what people in charge such as former Mayor Julian Muñoz, former head of Urban Planning ROCA…had done.

Will Global Press, support Marbella Now, that it is able to offer peace of mind to investors?

The Regional Government has now to ratify the Plan in October at the latest. Once this is done, will Global Press, praise Marbella for being one of the legal places to invest in Southern Europe?

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