Saturday, 25 July 2009


ST- VALUATION COMPANY. first independent company within the valuation sector in Spain. Presented the results of its market study corresponding to the first semester of 2009.

ST, has been organizing these market studies on NEW PROPERTY, every six months, since 1985.

Marbella´s average sales price per sqm built for NEW PROPERTIES, has fallen down at € 2.299/sqm (JUN-09) from € 2.355 (DEC-08).

It is predictable, that during 2009, the dynamic of an interested demand will be maintained, but it will be an expectant and reticent one, versus an offer with a growing trend towards paralyzation and with sales showing symptoms of weakness.

It is most probable that prices will continue decreasing. The magnitude of this descent will be determined by the level of financial pressure on BUILDERS and by the level of hardening of the credit requirements to families who whish to acquire a property.

JULY 2009

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