Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Marbella Property Purchase

The actual Marbella potential property purchaser behaviour, is to buy a property at the lowest possible price.

Understandable…the only place where one should put his/her money is in Real Estate- LAND, PROPERTY & TARA.

Who would invest in Gold, New Energies, The Stock Exchange, Art, Banks…Only big players maybe!

At luxury property level, the Marbella Buyers are getting it wrong by applying the deal strategy of buying at 50% of the offered price.

It is very clear, that property prices in Marbella, have gone back to the level of prices offered in 2005.

However, Luxury Property has not fallen to the level, that it is now for grasp for 50% of its value, nor at 50% of the value of 2005.

Unfortunately, we are getting as one of the best spots/places to live, many luxury property purchasers and most of them are a waiste of time. They never buy!

Marbella, has a lot of distressed properties on offer. However, NOT NECESARILLY THE ONES THAT A REAL INVESTOR WOULD BUY.

Of course, we care about people looking to buy a property at € 200000. These are genuine buyers.

The Luxury Marbella Property Buyer, buys today at 2005 Marbella property prices. At that level he/she is buying well! This is the genuine buyer that in an unpolluted way makes a good investment decision. Knows what he/she wants!

There is no place for ROBINSON PURCHASERS in MARBELLA who want to buy for instance a two bedroom apartment in LA TRINIDAD, LA ALZAMBRA, MONTE PARAISO CLUB, IMARA…For € 500000. These properties, do not suffer that much from the actual crisis,

The Marbella Property devaluation at that level, doesn´t exist.

Of course you could buy a Villa in Marbella nowadays which was valued by the bank in 2007 at € 3000000 for € 2500000.

Or you could buy a Villa worth € 9 Million for € 5 Million, because it has been repossesed by a bank.

Just try it!

Is this the right way forward?

Fortunately, Marbella as a City is growing and there is no discussion about the fact, that it will become, one if the best places to live in The WORLD.

Just make a good investment by buying at the property price levels of 2005. You then will see your purchase growing in worth from that point as from 2012.

Reason: Marbella is making it!

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